"Who knows the way to the airport?" "I do."

Isabelle said he couldn't loan any money to Mariou.


It all started in this place.


I did it and I would do it again.


Do that for me, my son, delay no more, nor mention Troy again.

Julius needs to remain in bed.

Was this basement thoroughly searched?

Do you think we are better off than we used to be?

I did it while I was drunk.

He took me for everything I had.

I can't lie to them again.

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67% of those who never smoked said they worried about the health effects of passive smoking.

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Don't go without a hat.

Do you think this looks like Vince's handwriting?

Hector says that he has to go to Boston the day after tomorrow.


I thought a walk in the park might take our minds off our troubles.

Albert, I really like you... as a friend.

Common sense is instinct. Enough of it is genius.


Let's talk a bit about that.

I'm very relaxed.

Can he be ill when he runs around like that?


If you come back by five, you may go.

Root doesn't have any idea what Donna is thinking.

I'd like to graduate next spring.

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Sanche says this is normal.

I don't want her to be alone.

Micah is extremely motivated.


Reiner isn't content with his present salary.

The edges of the lid of a can become sharp when you open one with a can opener, so be careful not to cut yourself.

Running is good exercise.

They had voted for action.

How is your sister?

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I remember the night Tiefenthal met Kees.


Can you pitch?

One has to learn English.

Which do you like better, the sea or the mountains?

Helen is not as young as I am.

I'm sorry you're sick.

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Tiefenthal is the only one here who has never lived in Boston.

What a pleasure!

It is sure that she will leave tomorrow.

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There are no comments.

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In fact, he didn't go to the church.


Ozan can't have done it.


Thank you and goodbye!

Lorien went into a corner and cried.

Where are you going to?

Are they really soldiers?

Why are there three?

Through the night the windows of the giants shine, by their feet people walk amongst multicolored neons.

She seems to devote all her efforts to her career.


Do you really want to stay until Monday?

I think I'll buy this pair of shoes.

June wasn't in when I dropped by.


Do you have any idea when those pictures might have been taken?

Ahmed says he's never been to Boston.

Bobby told Jussi that he was leaving.

There's a nice blue sky today.

Are you going somewhere?

I wanted to switch channel, but my wife didn't let me.

Shut the door behind you.


Raj saw what Norma was eating.

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We can't leave you here.

During the imprisonment of Sir Thomas a frequent intercourse of letters passed between him and this beloved daughter and when deprived of pen and ink he contrived to write to her with a coal.

They abandon their children.

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You shall be good and diligent, and love your schoolmates so that you are loved by them.

The truck hit the police officer before plowing into the police car.

No, that's not true.

We've got our own problems.

Brutus stabs Caesar, and Caesar falls.

Loren has never done anything like that.

What'll we do if Julianto is late?

He cut off two meters of the rope.

Your death will be slow and painful.

Leila took some medicine.

Tell Panos we don't want to go.


Nothing will happen until 2:30.

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I thought we did well.

We go out together every weekend.

He objected to my smoking.

Have you been busy lately?

It was an unexpected opportunity.

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We spent one night together.

Let's not do the work.

That's how it is.


Do you want a soda?

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He lives like a king.


Arthur is a strong guy.

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I wish I had been a bird.


Broad safety measures were put into effect.


An office machine is cranking out a stream of documents.

I was not a little disappointed at the news.

We have to be prepared to cope with violent storms.


Julius fell asleep on guard duty.

Saify usually wears glasses.

She's mentally unstable and probably a killer.

Tell me what you think about Elvis.

She showed up in the park at the appointed time.

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I ate the qeema.

The roses are blooming early this year.

You're a filthy liar!

I tried to change the subject.

Kevin is a friend of John's.

Plenty of people were waiting for the bus.

Ami enjoys taking a nap in the early afternoon.

Carrots are cheap!

Hillel died in a tragic accident.


Ken gave up.

He spun both drumsticks very fast in his hands.

At first, he sounded very sincere.

I've got a situation to deal with.

Could I look at that book?

Alastair has gotten married.

Don't make any noise because I am ill.


Please refer to page ten.

You're too modest.

He has a morbid fondness for murder mysteries.

How do you come to school?

He did what his conscience dictated.

Richard said his mother was ill, which is a lie.

It also says that companies existing for a long time are very reliable.

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Grant wanted to cut the supply lines between the two cities.


I haven't seen him in a few days.

Why didn't you go back for them?

I'm energetic.

On encountering the celebrity, they asked for his autograph.

Jonathan and Alan took a selfie together.

They appointed him manager.

The Hawaiian ocean is so beautiful.

I would buy it if it weren't so expensive.

I live in Kakogawa.

Can you step this way?

I thought that was great.

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I'm happy I could help.


She thought of Canada as an ideal country to live in.


It is useless to try to persuade him to agree.

She is clearly insane.

Kamiya writes a letter to his mother every week.

I have a decision to make.

Eugene is still busy.

The report states that there will be a depression.

You're as tough as nails.

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Celia closes his eyes when he swims underwater.

Tao is a spy.

Your accusation is preposterous.

I put one in the drawer.

Amanda wants to talk to you.


I haven't slept in two days.

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She makes the best sandwiches in the world.


Does it not happen to any teachers?

When my old man kicked the bucket last month, he left me only enough money to pay my debt with.

Masanobu deserves to know.

I need to talk to Doyle in private.

Industrial emissions cause air pollution.

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I'd hate to see anything happen to your pretty face.